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A Single bet is:

When one bet is placed on one selection and it must be a win to make a profit. It is also the most simple bet and an easier way to win.

We strongly recommend single bets because the chance of winning is higher compared to any other type of bets as doubles, trebles, accumulators etc.

The single-game bettors are most likely to make a profit in long term. Stats show that they win more often, which gives them positive thinking, and they'll be focused to make the next bet without big pressure.

Тhere is no specific time when a single bet will be published on the website. As soon as we receive a tip from our associated tipsters, the tip will be added on this page but not later than two hours before the start of the event. 

* Check this page regularly, to not miss out lately additions. 

* Profits are not guaranteed, so our advice to you is: do not copy every single tip you see, but only what suits you.

* If you are not up to betting on singles, visit our other pages to find what is best for you.


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* Profits are not guaranteed.

* Please, Gamble responsibly!