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Saturday Bet 2

13/04/2024 12:45
Bournemouth vs Manchester United BTTS Odds 1.40
Bournemouth vs Manchester United Over 2.5 Goals Odds 1.44
Selections from: TOTAL ODDS 1.61
Premier League STAKE £19.60
Premier League RETURN £31.56


£10 returned £151.71 in six bets

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Challenge Example

Bet 1 of £10-£50 Challenge Won

Bet 1 of £10-£50 Challenge Won

Bet 2 of £10-£50 Challenge Won

Bet 3 of £10-£50 Challenge Won

Bet 4 of £10-£50 Challenge Won

£10-£50 Challenge was completed successfully in four bets

What is a Football Betting Challenge, also called Rolling accumulators?

1. The idea is to start with a set amount (in our case - 10 (units) and to turn it into 50 (units) within 3-4 bets.

2. If the first Bet wins, the next step is to use our initial 10 (units) + the profit on the next Bet.

3. We repeat this again and again until we reach the aim we want (50 units).


BetStake xOdds =Return
Bet 110.00 x1.50 =15.00
Bet 215.00 x1.50 =22.50
Bet 322.50 x1.50 =33.75
Bet 433.75 x1.50 =50.63

Why 10-50?

We chose the 10 to 50 Betting Challenge because in our opinion this type of challenge suits a large percentage of bettors as it is affordable and can be completed in 3-4 bets.

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